Making old jewellery into new

Making old jewellery into new

This is the ring and necklace that my client wanted making into some earrings.


I melted the gold in a crucible and made sure it was really molten before pouring the gold out into a nugget.


The gold nugget is then left to cool before quenching.


The gold nugget was then rolled into sheet using a rolling mill, the gold required lots of annealing because it work hardens very quickly during rolling.


The round bezel base and bezel strip was then cut from the gold sheet. The bezel strip is wrapped around the stone and soldered into the correct size and then the back plat4e is then soldered on, then the ear pin soldered to the back.


The earring completed before being cleaned up and polished ready for the stones to be set.



Ta Dah!! These are the finished earrings, beautiful 9ct gold Aquamarine stud earrings that can now be worn everyday and have sentimental value to the client. 

This was one of my most challenging makes to date, I cracked 3 stones when setting them which was super disappointing and costly to me!! Aquamarine are very delicate stones which make them quick tricky to set, one slip and that it. 

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